Monday, July 19, 2010

Leadership Week 1

Week 1 is finished with the JHU / ISTE program. our first week in reading and discussing Effective Leadership. Leadership is a good sized topic and I won’t bother writing what I think about it at the moment because we have another eight weeks of study and I’m sure my opinions will be evolving over the next two months.

What I did learn what that I love this format. Read discuss reflect online. For the last few years this has been exactly what I have been doing on a variety of subjects. I’ve even been known to say that my twitter and blogging has taught me more about education that I learned in m first six years being an educator. Now to have the opportunity to do the same, but with the guidance and focus of a teacher.

One is like trying to drink out of a firehose and the other is more like being served tea in fine china. I’ll let you decide which is which.

Sometimes I love directing my own learning and just going where my whims take me, but sometimes, quite often actually, I feel like I’m being overwhelmed and I have to back off a bit. Having someone direct my learning give me the chance to allow someone with experience to filter out the possible choices and I can concentrate on soaking it all in. This isn’t to say I turn off m brain and follow directs, but rather I can focus my attention on the primary subject and let my instructor worry about the quality of the material. later in the program I can and probably will reflect on the quality of the readings and perhaps bring in alternative voices, but for the moment I can feel comfortable that all of the learning material will be of high quality.

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