Sunday, May 15, 2011

SIP Day introduction to New Algebra curriculum (textbook)

I went to the Algebra-Geometry professional development at the high school. The district has decided to go with a traditional textbook from Pearson, “Algebra Foundations” and Geometry Foundations”, that has been updated with a lot of 21st century razzle dazzle.
Karla and a few of our math teachers have taken the time to go through the entire series with a fine toothed comb. They have created a binder and web site to help teachers quickly identify the necessary content that meets current and future standards. They also created alternative Solve it activities to better introduce some of the sections.
The textbook is designed using the principals of Understanding by Design, Grant Wiggins was a consultant. Each chapter has Big Ideas and Essential Questions.
At the beginning of each chapter are seven 21st century additions.
Video introduction
Real students introduce the chapter and explain how it is applicable to the real world.
Math vocabulary
The vocabulary is recorded so students can hear the words.
Solve it
A launch problem designed to introduce each section - we may have substituted our own.
Dynamic Activities
Interactive graphs and such so student can connect Algebra to graphs.
The examples are solved online or on the DVD with narration.
Online Homework
Each student can be given their assignments online.
Extra Practice
Self explanatory.
The entire textbook is online. (All teachers can and should be able to get access if you don’t ask me or Karla, or another teacher for the code)
  • If you use the stock examples the student can replay it at home though not with your words.
  • Teachers can create separate classes with individual students.
  • Assignments can be created (well they are already created) and assigned to your virtual class.
    • There seem to be three standard types of assignments games - worksheets - and tutorials.
    • I watched one tutorial it might be a good review or supplementary lesson, the one I watched did not include the objective or a summary.
  • If you prefer every student in all of your classes can access the online textbook under the same user name and password.

The online textbook doesn’t seem to track time spent on the assignment or give a grade when the student is finished. The student can click a button that notifies the teacher when they have finished an assignment.
The Entire textbook is on DVD. Same as above, but when your student tries to claim s/he doesn’t have Internet access you can give them the DVD. (We have rights to make copies as needed)


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