Saturday, January 21, 2012

 I was thinking the other day of the great waste in the world. How so many people in this
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world spend the majority of their waking hours using all of their energy and resources to survive.
I wonder sometimes if the cure to cancer might be sitting in a refuge camp in Darfur. Perhaps the inventor of a FTL engine is selling drugs because she can't get a scholarship to college. It could be Einstein is throwing a rock at a tank in some desert. Who knows. Perhaps the next Bill Gates will be in India. She might have been here
We just don't know. I got into education because I saw it as an equalizer. A poor child with an education can compete with the son of a rich man. Almost, perhaps the 1% is exempt. Now if we can just convince our children to wait and be good for about 20 years or so, then they too can compete on equal footing. As long as they can find the seed money to invest in and develop their ideas. 
Well maybe we need to reevaluate some priories. 
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