Saturday, April 10, 2010

Curing Cancer

Last year a grandmother was watching her grandchild Rey Rey die of cancer. She wanted to do something about it. She started a fund raising campaign with the help of St. Baldricks. Last year the school raised over $1,000 and the district raised about $3,000 total.

Rey Rey did not survive, but the St. Baldricks charity event did survive. This year the school raised over $600 not including however much the district raised in total. At the is point the reader may be disappointed that the children raised less money, but you shouldn't. With the struggling economy and the number of empty foreclosed homes in the area, combined with the over $1,000 raised last month for Haiti relief I think these kids are pretty amazing.

Just another story to prove that in a school with 78% free/reduced lunch eligibility, the less you have to more you tend to give to charity.

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