Friday, September 7, 2012

Dont Give Up

So I get this in the mail the other day.

Dear Friend:
Today, we are excited to announce that more than 1,700 schools will plan and hold events during National School Choice Week 2013 (January 27-February 2, 2013). Please check out our press release below.
National School Choice Week 2013 is going to break all records — so please help spread the word on social media about our big news today! If you're on Twitter, be sure to retweet this tweet. I know many of you are on Facebook too, so please like this post. You can also check out our new video.

Now is the time to start thinking about how you will participate in National School Choice Week 2013 — and we're excited to have you celebrate with us.


And I think to myself. What do they mean by school choice, don't they really mean I give up?

Our public schools are what we make it. We vote the school board in and we sit on our butts and watch Tuesday night TV while school boards decide what to do with our money. We didn't care as our schools went down the tubes. And don’t let me hear any excuses like my kids weren’t in school then or I didn’t live here then. We all live in a school district.

Oh, but this doesn't include school districts like Chicago and New York. They were taken over years ago by mayors who ran their little dictatorships right into the ground.

Nope this isn't school choice this is giving up on our local, community school.

Please oh please let me give my tax dollars to some "For profit" education company. I want them to cut costs so my tax dollars can actually fund some rich man's yacht. While my kids continue to get a sub-par education.

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