Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Beginning

I started this blog a while ago in the hopes of getting some writing done for a book that has been in my head for almost 20 years.

Years ago when I was a young man and thought I knew everything pearls of wisdom, as my dad would call them, would pop into my head. I thought I would start writing them down and publish a book. I was hitchhiking around Europe at the time hence Philosophy With Out A Home was born.

I find with age my memory has gone so I don’t remember many of the pearls of wisdom. The book may never get written, on the other hand I might just switch my focus from telling people how smart I am to something people might just want to read.

The most difficult part about writing for me, like most people, is the discipline necessary to writing. I’ve never been able to keep the habit of sitting and writing everyday. That is until I started blogging in my previous job. There I wrote and posted a blog article almost everyday for months. I’ve slacked since the holidays, but I was just starting to pick up again when the job decided my position was no longer necessary.

So I guess I’ll put that energy to good use and try to get some writing started. Yes, I will look for a job, and no I don’t plan on making a living with my amateur writing. Actually, I will probably start with writing some essays for a job application. I might even post a few here on the blog for comment.
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