Thursday, July 23, 2009

Qualty of Education

In Chicago, it is
getting more dangerous to be a student. This year, we eclipsed the number of murders in March, three months before the school year ends.

The interesting twist is that according to a recent survey from the University of Chicago, many students feel safer in their classrooms than outside of them.

They just need to get to school safely and during that time they can concentrate on learning I suppose.

Here we have schools, in the much maligned U.S. education system, combating gang wars in the neighborhoods that require parents and police to escort students to and from school, so that they make sure they get there safely, along with on average 85 percent poverty rates. Yet still, students manage to improve academically, according to the NY Times.

I am proud of the improvements that have been made in the educational system of the United States over the years. I know that we will continue to make improvements. And I hope that in the future when people forward spam emails that claim schools are dumbing down the educational system in this country, they might look around and wonder if perhaps teachers might actually be doing a good job.

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