Sunday, March 7, 2010

From This Tweet Comes This Post

@chrislehmann: #tedxnyed How do you create a centralized outcome from a decentralized process? @gsiemens

I'm not sure of the best answer, but here's my first thought.

Napoleon on Project Management

Jerry Manas

Page 144 – 145

“First, he made sure his troops were adaptable. … They were also ready for change at a moment's notice and were well trained in the ability to swiftly regroup to meet any given situation.

Second, he made sure they were empowered. By arming them with knowledge of the mission's concept and structuring them so they could operate independently, he was able to give brief, simple instruction to his commanders and know that the mission would be followed through. And by receiving regular communications from his commanders as to any variations, he made his army contributors to the plan, not just followers of a rigid process that didn't take reality into account.

Finally, he made sure they were unified. His armies operated under a common doctrine and were integrated through centralized planning and administration. ...”

I'd like to see teachers working together as teams focusing on the problem of engaging students in learning. Changing plans at a moments notice to follow student lead learning, but in general working towards predetermined learning goals.

I'd like to see principals be actual principal-teachers. Communicating regularly with the teachers and working together.

Finally a school board working with superintendents to set out clear long term goals that don't shift with the wind, but hold steady to allow schools to actually collect data over years of consistant instruction.

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