Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Day , First Time ISTE

Well I made it. Oh wait I've said that before.

Anywho, I couldn't sleep Friday night. I was to get up early in the morning Saturday and fly to Denver. I did of course,but I was so excited about an actual education conference (ISTE) as a teacher and starting a new course (JHU/Cohort), and meeting people, well seeing people I can be shy sometimes, (was that Jeff Utecht and Scott McLeod) I just couldn't sleep.

I showed up at the hotel at around 11am local time, only to be extremely disappointed about the lack of internet connectivity. They want something like $10 a day for connectivity. During the conference that would be more than I pay in a month for connections at home. Listen Mr Hyatt, I am a teacher running for a large part on my own dime can ya cut a brother some slack?

Whatever, I can see the convention center from the window outside my door and they have free internet. No, I can't get a signal from my room I tried. So I'll walk across the street and buy my coffee from the Blue Bear Cafe. All right this is still costing me $9, but at least I get a muffin out of the deal.

I'm so excited to be here. yesterday (Saturday the 26th) after learning that the convention center had free wifi I headed over and grabbed my registration packet, only to discover that was already going strong. I suppose I saw that somewhere, but with so much new stuff I'm ove- flowing and I just can't seem to remember anything. I managed to catch the last half an hour of Are iPads a 1:1 Solution.

The conversation was good, but I think it ended with some good conversation but no minds changed. That may not be the point though, perhaps those who love the iPad will think more before just using it and those who don't like it will give it a try if it happens to be around. Now I just need to remember the tag. Was it ebcm.
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