Thursday, November 4, 2010

Texting in the classroom - No not the dreaded cell phone

Are the same students answering all the questions in your classroom? Would it help if the answered were anonymous? Would you like to poll the class, but don't have a set of clickers? It is as easy as pie just use While not perfect this can at times take the place of a $1500 set of classroom clickers. How do students answer the poll, well that is a bit tricky. responses are logged using a web browser, twitter, or text message. Twitter of course is blocked in the school. The web page should work if each student has a computer. the cell phone of course is supposed to be turned off and in the locker. The exact policy is "Cellular telephones or PDAs that also are telephones (collectively referred to as Cell phones) are for emergency parent/guardian contact purposes only, unless otherwise authorized for use by school administrators." '
I would suggest talking to your building principal about a test run. Just make sure you couldn't do the job just as well with a small whiteboard and markers.
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