Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sharing what We Know

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Today, I don't have a resource so much as a request for collaboration. If you haven't noticed yet the country is under a strong push for common standards. What they call Common Core Standards. On June 10, 2010 Illinois adopted the Common Core Standards. These standards will be adopted in three phases according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

I know there are people who are spending a lot of time getting us ready to meet these new standards. However, I don't see any reason why we should leave all of that work to the administration. I also see a lot of reasons why we should, at the very least, show what we know.

With that in mind I would like everyone, or as many people as possible, to share their favorite lesson and align it to the new Common Core standards for mathematics.  Please, don't spend four hours making a new lesson and getting every little detail perfect. Take a lesson you already have and show us how it meets the new standards. Then post it on the Waukegan math teachers wiki page. The easiest way to do that is make your adjustments, copy the lesson from Word, go to this link, click the edit button near the top right, and paste the document onto the page. Don't forget to save it. You don't need an account and you don't have to put your name on your work. If you would like to be a bit more neat you can create a new page, but I will let you figure that out on your own.

I'm not asking you to share because it will help the administration make the change. I am asking for two reasons: First, sharing your favorite lesson is a great way to help your fellow teachers improve. Second, as teachers it is not our right, but our RESPONSIBILITY to participate in all aspects of our students education.

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