Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Guy Joe

Aliosha VII YachtImage via WikipediaThis guy Joe borrows my truck everyday to tow his boat to the lake. He never offers to pay for gas or maintenance on the truck. Once he even drove the truck into a ditch. He walked away and left it there. The next day he came over to borrow the truck and got mad that it wasn't back in my driveway ready to tow his boat. He went to the mechanic and borrowed the truck from there before it was finished being fixed. Then he demanded the mechanic upgrade the tires and rims and add a bit of chrome.
Bills have been tough lately. I can't afford to keep filling the truck with gas everyday so Joe can drive to the lake. Actually, he has the truck all the time and only returns it so I can fill the tank.
I thought about not filling the tank, or even trading in the truck for a smaller car, but Joe threatened to let my neighbor take rides on his boat instead of me. (not that I've had the time or money to take a ride on the boat in years).
I tried to find a second job, but Joe was the only person in town hiring and he refuses to give me a job. He says I should trim the fat in my household budget instead.
So I raided my kids college fund to fix the truck for Joe, I cashed in my IRA to put gas in the truck for Joe. I cut meat from the grocery list and turned off the cable so Joe could use my truck. Vacations have been a dream unfulfilled for years. I guess next week I'll sell my vacation home to the Chinese immigrant. I mean really Joe needs to have a way to get his boat to the lake and someday, some day I'll get the chance to borrow it. That is if Joe will let me borrow it.

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