Friday, September 23, 2011

I Think I Need Some Knee Pads

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DSCN6492At the moment until MAP testing is finished I am substituting and assisting as needed.
These classrooms are generally quiet places. The teacher talks, the students write, then in the second half of the class students get to work some practice problems. I generally hope the lecture isn’t too long, I get bored pretty quickly.
When the students are working I finally feel like I can be helpful. They raise their hands and I come over and answer questions. There’s no such thing as a quick answer from me however. I don’t lean over a student to correct mistakes.
What I do is kneel down, read the problem carefully, then read their attempted solution. I try to find where they went off track. Then I ask questions. Why did you do this? What is happening here? How does that help? What would happen if you did this?
Sometimes, I see students begin to raise their hands then put them down when they see me coming. They would rather a quick answer I suppose.
Earlier in the year I had my own class. I choose to leave my classroom to do interventions instead. Sometimes I think I should have stayed in the classroom. I forget how much I love teaching. It was frantic and chaotic, but fun.
No one else seems t teach like me around here.

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