Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pinkslipparty what is it

Brendan Murphy
3819 Lincolnshire Dr
McHenry IL 60051

Twitter #pinkslipparty coming to McHenry

What is it:
A #pinkslipparty is an informal networking opportunity for anyone who has lost a job, is in danger or losing a job, knows someone who lost a job, or would like to help someone who has lost a job.

Where is it:
Usually held at a conference room, public house, church basement, or any space that is free or donated. As of this moment the location is still TBD. See http://purplepeople.pbwiki.com/McHenry-pinkslipparty for updates on where, or donate a space.

The current #pinkslipparty in McHenry is scheduled for March 6th 2009 at 6:00PM.

With record unemployment numbers we all wish to do everything we can to help our neighbors and community.

How can I help:
Jobs are not found in the classified ads they are found when one person connects with another person. Come, meet, mingle, and network. Collect business cards pass out a business cards, maybe next week you will learn of an opening that is perfect for one of those contacts.

Community leaders this is a great opportunity to help support your community.

Press, this is that human interest story everyone needs to hear. A community gathering around itself in a time of need. Job seekers are not asking for a hand-out, just an opportunity.

If you want to sponsor:
If you own a business please add your name to the wiki page (http://purplepeople.pbwiki.com/McHenry-pinkslipparty I will do it if you need help) and
come out.

  • career-related services
  • local food & beverage establishments
  • co-working or office share spaces
  • companies that are recruiting
  • trade and industry associations
  • government offices charged with economic growth and job creation
  • You may not be hiring now, but you will again in the future.

  • HR people talk and network the same as everyone else, you might find a
    perfect fit for a fellow business person.

  • Your show of support will
    mean a lot.

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