Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things that I wish for

There are just some gadgets I would love to have. Some may exist some may not I haven't seen most of these things, but I'm sure many could be found for enough money.

Let's start with the Kindle, or the Sony reader or one of several similar electronic book readers. They are great, that is if you want to spend $300 for a library in your pocket. Did I mention you have to buy the books separately? The problem is what I really want to do is to be able to highlight sections of the book and write notes in the margin. At the moment I do this by copying what I read into open office and use that to highlight and comment. Total cost zero dollars, but I am chained to my computer, which at the moment is a desktop.

Of course that leads me to the second gadget. (if you want to call it that) I don't want to be chained to a desktop computer, but I'm not happy with a laptop either. (I need two screens) I've thought about a netbook or a powerful cell phone, but they don't have the computing power, screen size, or the ability to mark up documents that I like. I read about a paint they are trying to develop that can actually be a monitor.

So consider this: a central server in the house that is connected to all the walls which are painted with the special paint. Now I can stand and use the walls as a monitor. If I need to move another room, maybe the kids playroom, I can do it easily. I just have to get the picture to know where I am going. The other problem is getting the mouse to work.

To get the mouse to work I can use what they call a fingertip mouse. A little ring type thing worn on the finger that will track the movements and work like a mouse. To get the picture to follow me I could perhaps have a program that allows me to create a screen with the mouse or something like that. Or key it to something I wear like my cell phone.

Now of course I want to be able to write one the walls. You know to mark up those documents I read. Johnny Lee has some great things he does with Wii remotes. I can stand back or sit in my recliner and read. If i feel like marking up the documents and stuff I can just use a light pen and a Wii remote and write on the walls.

Of course I'll save everything on my computer, but that computer will be a web server so I can access my documents anytime anywhere. (I'm writing this on Gogle Docs so I actually kind of have that, when I remember to use it.)

When I'm not home I can carry around a netbook or laptop, or tablet computer. I'd also have a smart phone to so I don't have wait for a full computer to boot up if I'm out and I want to write a quick note of something.

Most of the time I don't mind sitting at the desk and working on the computer, but sometimes I just need to get up and move around. I am a teacher at heart. Teachers don't sit behind desks and work we get up and move around the room. We lean over desks and write notes on papers. If I can't do that I it hampers my thinking.
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