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I used to blog for my old company, but they took the blog down. I am
not actually allowed to own the writings I put up on that blog, but as
I reference them on occasion in my writing I am putting those articles
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Wee Wee

Wee a term meaning: very small, an expression of delight, or if you are my 3 year old a special way to water the plants. It is also the first half of a great new site for parents, Wee Web.

If you have been following this blog for a while you might know I have two children. I like to talk about my children, but privacy is always a concern. I don’t think the world is as dangerous as you see on TV. On the other hand, when I up loaded my first youtube video of my kids I asked myself the exact same questions my wife hit me with when she found out. Namely, how safe is it? What if some psycho becomes fixated on my kids? Will he or she be able to find us?

I am mostly depending on the anonymity of the web to keep safe on that account. Thousands of videos are uploaded to youtube everyday. Not to mention the fact that youtube is just the biggest name, there are literally dozens of other similar video out there in cyberspace. The chances of some weirdo finding my unadvertised video of my boys is pretty slim. (As of this morning I had a total of 13 views of my video. Oddly enough the latest was a person in Morocco.) The fact that it is grainy, blurry, and has bad sound just means it is only a video a family member would ever care about.

Still, while the risk may be low, something on the order of getting hit by lightning, the risk is still there. So when I hear about a web site that will allow me to upload all the pictures and videos I want of my children. I tend to take notice.

With that in mind I like the idea of Wee Web, a free site that allows me to upload photos, send short Twitter type messages, host stories, and invite a list of people who are allowed to see it. Basically Wee Web is the same as most social networking sites except this one has the theme of sharing our families specifically to family and close friends.

I have a lot of accounts on social networking sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, etc… All of these sites are for me. I have friends, family, acquaintances, and even a few strangers connected to me on these sites. The first question is do I want these people seeing my kids naked in the bathtub? The second question is do THEY really want to see my kids naked in the bathtub.

I have actually been looking for a site exactly like Wee Web. I like to take pictures of my kids, and I like to share them. I wonder sometimes if those same friends care to get all the updates. Now I can send one invitation and they can set when and how often they get notifications. If my family wants notification immediately, or less often, or not at all the choice is theirs.

The only downfall to this site for me is I still have to upload my videos to a 3rd party site. On Youtube I need to make the videos publically available. On Motionbox I can make the videos private and you can see them on Wee Web, but I have a 750 MB limit on uploads. Flickr requires a pro account for video. Yahoo doesn’t seem to have a private setting for individual videos. Vimeo will not allow protected videos to be seen. Google seems to work fine.

I am impressed with the speed and quality of the help. A quick question on video was answered by a real person in less than an hour. Matt, from Wee Web understands my concerns about privacy and promises that they working on solving the technical hurdles involved in hosting video and will offer the service as soon as possible.


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