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Alternatives to Evolution

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Alternatives to Evolution

June 5, 2008 – 8:42 am by Brendan

I’m not a Scientist per se, though I did a good impression when teaching 4th grade. As a pretend scientist I do know that the Theory of Evolution will always be a theory. It’s a theory mainly because if we knew everything life would be pretty boring. I also know that that there is no other theory that comes as close to explaining life.

I’m also a good Catholic, though I go to a Lutheran church. I guess that means I’m not a good Catholic, but hey give a few props for honesty please.

The point is there is this whole bible thing where God created the earth in six days and all of that rigmarole. I think most reasonable people, with the exception of Mike Huckabee, understand that the whole notion of taking the Bible literally just doesn’t work. I’m not talking what you believe, but just the number of times the Bible contradicts itself.

That being said let’s talk about Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Strengths and Weaknesses. According to this New York Times article another group is trying to get Texas to change it’s Science curriculum. They can’t openly require schools to teach Intelligent Design, so they want to make sure everyone knows the Theory of Evolution has strengths and weaknesses. Can I hear a “Well Duh”. Of course it does it’s a theory.

Did you know there is a Theory of Gravity too? It’s not perfect, but we don’t have groups trying to change schools curriculum to make sure students understand that we actually might be kept from flying into space because as the t-shirt says “the earth just sucks”.Theories get changed, adjusted and sometimes even thrown out, because they don’t explain everything they are supposed to explain. The thing is those parts that don’t fit too well, that’s where scientists look the closest at the theory and try to figure out what they did wrong.

If you want to think that somehow God wasn’t smart enough to plan the evolution of the human race from a couple of single-celled organisms floating in the primordial soup fine. If you don’t want to think that we might just need a bit more evolution to become a better image of God thats fine. When you meet your maker though I wonder if you will be able to tell him you didn’t think he was intelligent enough to create life in such a complicated fashion.

If you’re dead set on finding an alternative to the Theory of Evolution then try the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. At least they are willing to accept the fact that perhaps they might be wrong. Seriously though there is no need to separate science and religion. If God made the world then God also made up the rules that we live by. He has no need to break those rules to show his power. If God ever feels the need to break those rules he created then I think the universe he created would also break. As we learn more about the worlds though we will learn more about God also.

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