Sunday, January 17, 2010

Randy Pausch and The Last Lecture

I used to blog for my old company, but they took the blog down. I am
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I reference them on occasion in my writing I am putting those articles
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Randy Pausch and The Last Lecture

Have you heard about this guy? I forget I wasn’t blogging when I first heard about the last lecture. I saw him on late night Oprah of all places. (It was just noise as I was working on the computer.) Anyway, he has probably the most amazing and inspirational lecture you will ever hear.

If you haven’t listened to his lecture take one hour right now and listen to his lecture, I don’t care if you are at work sometimes you have to prioritize your life and this is one of them.

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Now that you have spent an hour reading a blog download a copy of the free program Alice that Randy developed and spend some time showing your kids how to make a figure skater dance.

Randy died on July 25, 2008 and I think it would be a fitting tribute if we spent a bit of time with our kids and talking about dreams.

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