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June 12, 2008 – 5:50 am by Brendan

I never went to prom. I’m a guy I didn’t get into those things. The fact that I’m ugly and never had a date in high school didn’t really figure into things. So it constantly amazes me the extravagance and importance that many people put onto this one night.

So when I saw an article about proms on NPR I just had to check it out. With all the importance and extra stress that people put on this high school event I figured the story would be good. It wasn’t, it was actually pretty boring. The most excitement I could find were in the comments.

The lack of a story might actually be the biggest story though. The twist in this story is that this was the first prom at this particular school that was interracial. Technically the school never sponsored a prom because they would have by law been forced to allow all races to participate. This year was no different it was a privately held affair, but for the first time it was open to any person who wanted to come.

This probably would have been a story to make the national headlines if only some outraged parents had organized a group of protesters, preferably with pitchforks and torches. Nothing like that happened. Kids got dressed up, washed cars, got their hair done, and went dancing. Pretty much like almost every other prom in the country.

All I can say is Charleston High School, welcome to the new century.

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