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Math music

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Math - Music

April 22, 2008 – 7:56 am by Brendan

While there will always be some who feel education should concentrate exclusively on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic there will also be those who believe that the Arts are just as important if not even more so. Now it seems some researchers have proven the connections between Geometry and Music. According to the Telegraph this is the first article on Music in the journal Science in it’s 127 year history.

It would seem that by creating a systematic way of plotting music within a geometric space musical compositions each have their own shape. We are talking shapes and not random lines or points. Many mathematicians and musicians have felt for centuries that math and music were connected in some fundamental way. This research goes a long way in proving that connection scientifically.
Many math teachers have shown the connection between math and music in the past. (there are more connections than you think try asking a local teacher if you would like to learn more) This new connection between music and math should hopefully open some eyes. If it doesn’t change any views on education at least it is a new and seemingly exciting new theory for mathematicians to explore.

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