Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Now

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Why Now?

That’s it, the only question I really have. Why would a school district in Dallas fire hundreds of teachers, administrators, and staff now.

For most schools we are about half way through the first quarter of school. There are few worse things to do to disrupt education than to pull a teacher out of a class in the middle of the school year. Of course the district then has to replace those teachers either by increasing class size for the teachers left or hiring substitutes. How would you like to hear, “Your child’s teacher has been fired, he is now in a class with 40 students and a substitute teachers.”

I thought I recognized this school district. I wrote about this Dallas district earlier this year. These are the same folks who brought us Dalton Sherman.

Unfortunately, Gary Stager seems to have seen this one coming. I guess the idea of schools as business reaches deeper than just the classroom. And it is even more wrong for schools there.

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